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Notes for contributors

Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability (JTEFS) is a forum for the meeting of different views, ideas and research to promote the further development of studies and practice of teacher education in all areas of formal and non-formal education in relation to sustainability. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles with relevance to content and forms of teacher professional and academic education, problems and tasks of teacher in-service education and other issues to help teachers become responsible mentors for the sustainable development.

All manuscripts are normally reviewed by at least two referees (in addition to the Editor). Refereeing is anonymous unless a referee chooses otherwise. Referee comments are passed intact to authors, apart from occasional editing. Proofs should be returned to the Editor as soon as possible. The Editorial board has the right to reject a manuscript if after the first review it is submitted repeatedly with unsatisfactory correc- tions. The selection of articles for inclusion in the Journal will be based on these reviews.
Specifications for contributions

Papers should be written in a clear, concise style appropriate to an international readership. Familiar technical terms may be used without explanation. Acronyms and abbreviations are likely to need full presentation at least once. Authors are required to avoid the use of sexist language.

Research or project reports, teacher education prog- ramme evaluations, case studies of practice, action research reports and reports on teaching practice or techniques will be accepted. Research reports should include a description of the practical application(s) of the ideas tested, while reports of teaching practice or techniques should contain an explanation of the theoretical foundation underlying the practice or technique in question. Material in the form of illus- trations or photos is welcomed. This material should be accompanied by text. All material should be clearly referenced to its sources.

Manuscript specification
Manuscripts should be submitted in English and only to the Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability. The authors should observe the ethics of manuscript preparation (avoiding duplicate publication, inaccuracy of citations, fraudulent publication, plagiarism and self-plagiarism). Copyright will be owned by the publisher: Institute of Sustainable Education of Dau- gavpils University. A properly completed Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be provided for each sub- mitted manuscript. A form is available on the Journalís website. Transfer of Copyrights Agreement should be signed, scanned and sent by email to the Editor. The authors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their manuscripts, for obtaining permission to reproduce text or illustrations from other publications and for an ethical attitude regarding the persons mentioned in the manuscript. The title should indicate exactly, but as briefly as possible the subject of the manuscript. Manuscripts may be up to 5000 words in length. An abstract is to be provided on a separate sheet, preferably no longer than 150 words. At the end of the abstract, a minimum of five key words for referencing of papers should be supplied. In the abstract, avoid abbreviations, diagrams and reference to the text.
Tables, drawings, diagrams and charts with a clear title should be presented on separate sheets of A4 paper and numbered by Arabic numerals. The approximate position of these materials should be indicated in the manuscript. Tables should be created with Wordís Insert Table function. Avoid tables built with tab key or as pictures.
Footnotes should not be used. Titles of journals should not be abbreviated. The authors are responsible for spelling and use of non-discriminatory language.
The instructions for authors on references (APA style) are available on the Journalís website. It gives detailed instructions on citing books, journal articles, newspaper articles, conference papers, theses, webpages and others. If the article/book has a DOI number, the author should include it in the references. All references cited in the text must be included in the reference list and vice versa.

Checklist for submission:
1. Transfer of copyright agreement (signed)
2. Paper (in Microsoft Word, .rtf)
3. Appendices
4. Tables, drawings, diagrams and charts
5. Covering email letter

Manuscripts that do not comply with the above guidelines will be returned to the author for required changes. Only after compliance is established, will they be processed for reviewing. Non-adherence to the guidelines slows down the publishing process. The Editorial board reserved the right to make neces- sary proofs in the manuscript and adjust it to the requirements of the Journal.
Full information about the Journal, editorial policy, rewiewing process, instructions on references is avail- able at:

Submission of manuscripts
The authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically to expedite the peer review process. Manuscripts should be sent, saved in a standard document format type Word, Rich Text Format, to
The covering letter must include full contact details of all authors of the paper, the title of the Journal and the title of the article.
Authors will receive a copy of the Journal issue in which their paper is published.

All contributions and correspondence should be addressed to:
Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability
Daugavpils University, Parades 1, Daugavpils, LV-5400 Telephone: +371 654 28636; Fax: +371 654 28890 Email: