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“Sustainable Development. Culture. Education”

annual international scientific conference
“Sustainable Development. Culture. Education” is an annual international scientific conference of the Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability (JTEFS), organised by Baltic and Black sea Circle Consortium in educational research (BBCC). Each year the conference takes place in a different BBCC member state. Participants are welcome to share and publish their research results and make use of the opportunity to establish valuable contacts and become involved in international networking in the sphere of ESD. The conference usually welcomes around 100 participants including the newcomers to the BBCC family and the long-term members from the former years. The geography of participants is wide and over the years has covered all continents and such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Canada, Brazil, Costa-Rica, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Taiwan, Iran, Malaysia and others.  

Work in conference sections covers a wide range of ESD related research and practice aspects initiated by BBCC members during the previous conferences – phenomenology of ESD, research for ESD, ESD in higher education and teacher education, organisation of learning environment in ESD, ESD and social work, ESD and e-learning, Earth Charter as a framework for ESD related initiatives etc.
This diversity permits every prospective participant to locate the sphere of their research or practical interest. Time is afforded for everyone in attendance to exchange ideas, share research results and introduce new research and development projects in the area.

Language of the conference: English.

Following modes of participation are suggested for the conference participants:
Paper presentations are allocated 20 minutes and grouped into paper sessions. Dissemination of handouts is highly appreciated. Each paper session has a chair person.
Workshops provide training in the area of research, methods, interventional programmes, etc. The length of the workshops ranges between 90 and 120 minutes depending upon their scale and scope.
Symposia comprise several presentations, from different countries, dedicated to one topic. The convenor is responsible for the 90-120 minute programme and its content.
Presentations at the plenary session are given by Keynote speakers, who are invited by the Scientific Committee of the conference and who are recognized specialists in the area.
Posters are presentations of scientific work in a graphical form. Maximum size is 90 cm width by 190 cm height. At the time of poster presentation, at least one of the authors must be present.

Eight conferences have been held so far:
2003 – Daugavpils University (Latvia)
2004 – Tallinn University (Estonia) 
2005 – Vechta University (Germany) 
2006 – Helsinki University (Finland) 
2007 – Debrecen University (Hungary) 
2008 – Anadolu University (Turkey) 
2009 – Daugavpils University (Latvia)
2010 – UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France) 
2011 – Siauliai University (Lithuania) 
2012  University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
The 11th JTEFS/BBCC conference “Sustainable Development. Culture. Education” is to take place on June 4-7, 2013 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More information on the registration and abstract submission deadlines as well as other important details will follow soon.