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11th international JTEFS/BBCC conference

"Sustainable Development. Culture. Education"
Educational environment: Seeking sustainable solutions
4-7 June 2013
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

We are proud to announce the 11th international conference "Sustainable Development. Culture. Education" of JTEFS/BBCC (Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability /Baltic and Black Sea Circle Consortium in Educational Research) and UNESCO Network on Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability.

The first conference, held at Daugavpils University in 2003, was closely intertwined with the establishment of the European Network of the global UNESCO/UNITWIN project on reorienting teacher education to address sustainability. During its first decade, the honour and ensuing of responsibility for organising the conference was shared among various BBCC members - Tallinn Pedagogical University (Estonia), Vechta University (Germany), University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Debrecen (Hungary), Anadolu University (Turkey), Daugavpils University (Latvia), UNESCO (France), Siauliai University (Lithuania) and University of Eastern Finland (Finland). 
The second decade of the conference will begin at Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in June 2013. All those institutions who feel that they can contribute to the making of the 11th JTEFS/BBCC conference are welcome to send in their proposals to the president of BBCC network prof. Ilga Salīte ( The list of host universities and organizations will thus be complemented by and by as our partners send in their proposals for co-hosting the conference. 
11th JTEFS/BBCC conference will be featured by work in plenary sessions, paper sessions, workshops and poster sessions. The proposed sections entail a wide scope of research as well as practices related to sustainable development as initiated during the previous conferences.
  • Sustainability oriented early childhood education 
  • Research methodology in ESD studies
  • Sustainability oriented science education
  • Sustainable ICT in education
  • Sustainability oriented adult education 
  • Art, design and skills in ESD
  • Home, health and well-being in the context of SD
  • Sustainability oriented tourism research 
  • Teacher education for sustainability
  • Social pedagogy for sustainability
  • Sustainable community practices
  • Relationship of ESD to quality education
  • Earth Charter as a platform for values and multicultural approaches in ESD
The sub-theme of the 11th conference focuses on designing the educational environment in educational institutions at various levels and creation of an educational environment to promote individual skills of students and schoolchildren. This broad thematic orientation allows for a great diversity of contributions under the suggested sections. The main emphasis will be on research and good practices of sustainable development. We look forward to research papers in different disciplines as well as good practices in teacher education and in society at large. 
The following modes of participation are suggested: 
  • Presentations at the plenary sessions which are given by the keynote speakers invited by the Scientific Committee of the conference. 
  • Paper sessions where paper presentations are allocated 30 minutes for presentation and questions from the audience. Each paper session will have a chair person. Dissemination of handouts is highly appreciated. 
  • Workshops which provide training in the areas of research, methods, interventional programmes, community practices, youth and other different kinds of initiatives, etc. The length of the workshops will range between 90 and 120 minutes depending on their scale and scope. 
  • Posters where scientific work is presented in a graphical form. Maximum size 90 cm width by 190 cm height. In a poster presentation, at least one of the authors must be present. 
The language of the conference will be English. For any further information please contact