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International Network of JTES & DCSE Journals of UNESCO Chair at Daugavpils University


Dear colleagues, dear authors of articles,

Five years have already passed since the UNESCO Chair on Interplay of Tradition and Innovation in ESD initiated a targeted development of the Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability (JTES) and Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education (DCSE) and the Baltic and Black Sea Circle Consortium (BBCC) for educational research, which would allow for more effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set for teacher education and higher education after 2015.

The achievements of five years give us the hope that the task of the DU UNESCO Chair to create a global resource center for ESD research has gained a real basis for its implementation in the next five years. From 2021, it is planned to specify the name of the network as the International Network of JTES & DCSE Journals of UNESCO Chair at Daugavpils University.

We are sending this letter to the authors of correspondence and would like to ask you to forward it to your co-authors. There are many of us. During the five years, we have published 101 articles in JTES and 105 articles in DCSE journals. Thanks to all who participated and experienced cooperation with the JTES and DCSE and contributed with their participation to the development of the journals with a personal research perspective on sustainability, sustainable development and sustainable education, which you added to specific research investigations and highlighted more sustainable perspectives to be used in research.

We would like to thank all of you for the ability to find in your research a very specific inquiry that has the presence of sustainability in everyone's experience. Thanks to all of you for the ability to cultivate and implement sustainability for human life and living, and seek a scientific basis for creating conditions for decent survival of humanity. Thanks to all of you for readiness to broaden research inquiry towards integration and synthesis and more sensitive research for ESD. 

After 2016, Daugavpils University (DU) incurred financial expenses for the preparation and publication of the JTES and DCSE, envisaging them as expenses for the maintenance of the DU UNESCO Chair. The covers of both JTES and DCSE indicated the responsibility of the DU UNESCO Chair for publishing the journals. Articles are published free of charge if they meet the requirements of the JTES and DCSE and have successfully undergone double-blind peer review. The type of cooperation tested in previous years remained: open participation network.

Please find attached the certificates confirming your participation in the international networking of JTES & DCSE journals at the UNESCO Chair of Daugavpils University and your affiliation with this network. If you decide to keep your membership for the next five years, send a message as to whether it is a personal desire to keep a membership, or it is a desire of a department or an entire institution to maintain cooperation with the network you participated in. We will prepare a certificate for you of cooperation intentions in the period of 2021-2025. Please provide us with needed information in a short agreement letter.

After five years, we can clearly see our common work results through some indicators: in 2015, the JTES CiteScore was 0.64, but in 2019 it was already 3.4. In 2019, the SJR was 0.418 and the level of Q2 was reached, and the SNIP was 1.462


The changes in the JTES formal indicators currently meet the requirements imposed on universities for scientific publication evaluation, so there is no doubt that the intention to focus on improving the quality of the JTES and DCSE has been timely made and not all reserves for the development of the both journals have been exhausted. Thanks to all of you for work with us and assistance in achieving common results!

Within five years, this transition has taken place and real results have been obtained, confirming the achievements of teams of both journals and the networking changes that have resulted in a global network of the JTES and DCSE of DU UNESCO Chair. In the period of 2016-2020, JTES authors from 41 countries of the world participated in the network: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the USA. In the given period, the DCSE authors from 29 countries of the world published 105 articles.

Thanks to all of you for cooperation and participation in the International Network of JTES & DCSE Journals of UNESCO Chair at Daugavpils University.


Ilga Salīte, Chairholder