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Daugavpils University students participated in the intensive course on sustainability in Denmark

From April 24 – 28, 2017 the student of the professional Master’s program of the Faculty of Education and Management: “Education” Natalija Kotona and the teacher of art Viktorija Valujeva from the Art Science Institute who took part at in the intensive course in Copenhagen, Denmark that was organized by TEN network and the DU Center of Sustainable Education within the NORDPLUS programme.

Teacher Education Network (REN) is a network with special focus on the aesthetic subjects in the teacher education. Through the years it has successfully organized several interdisciplinary projects with Intensive courses, the last project was Mythology, culture and identity in the Nordic and Baltic countries (Reykjavik 2011, Bergen 2013, Riga 2015)

The transdisciplinary educational course: “ Innovative and sustainable aesthetic methods for citizenship education in Nordic and Baltic perspectives (ISAMCE)” has offered a valuable experience for the students in use if an integrative approached in organizing students’ work. The participating institutions of the project were Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre, University of Helsinki, University of Iceland, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Daugapils University, Riga Teacher Training and Management Academy, Stockholm University and Høgskolen In Bergen. The aim was to develop skills and competencies related to citizenship: the capacity for communication and dialogue, the capacity to live with others, to recognize and accept differences, sharing narratives in an aesthetical collaborative learning approach. The meaning of the term “citizenship” are open to new experience that life constantly leads us to invent, to the new forms that citizenship and democratic political life will take in the future.

The Expected learning outcomes were: critical transferability of learned experience to local contexts, new approaches in aesthetic education, knowledge about and experience with theme based and aesthetical collaborative learning approaches and experience the particular potential of aesthetic processes and expressions in dealing with the particular issue of citizenship education.

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