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Presentation of collective monography „Research: theory and practice”

On November 30, the presentation of collective monography “Research: theory and practice” was organized at the Riga Stradiņš University. Monography is published by the publishing house RaKa un it was created in collaboration of scholars from Latvia and abroad who joins the teaching at the universities and research work. The scientific editors of this monography are associated professor Kristīne Mārtinsone from the Riga Stradiņš University, professor of ISE DU Anita Pipere and researcher Daiga Kamerāde from the University of Salford (UK). The scientific editors are also the authors of the main chapters of this monography.

The edited volume “Research: theory and practice” focuses on contemporary research methodology and the role it plays in higher education, professional practice and sustainable development of society. This book addresses a significant gap in the textbook market in Latvia – although most students at some point in their studies are expected to conduct a research project that requires knowledge of research methodology, currently there is no textbook in Latvian that would offer students scholars and practitioners a systematic overview of a research process and practical advice on conducting a research project.

This monography addresses this gap and offers a thorough introduction to research methodology. It covers a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods to help students and researchers identify and evaluate the best approach for their research needs. Theoretical knowledge and practical recommendations, presented in a coherent and reader-friendly format, guide the the reader through all aspects of the research process including formulating research aims, choosing research methods, recruiting research participants, as well as advice on how to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data and disseminate the findings to others.

This book is aimed at a wide audience of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, researchers and practitioners. It also will be useful for supervisors of student course work and dissertations and university staff teaching research methods courses. More experienced researchers will find a deeper and broader coverage of various research designs and methods useful. Practitioners will acquire knowledge that is necessary to critically evaluate existing research studies in their professional field, as well as skills and knowledge for conducting research that aims to improve current practice. Although this book is aimed mainly at researchers in social, humanities, health and education subject areas, scholars outside of these areas could find it useful too.

The preparation of the monography was supported by National Research Program EKOSOC-LV (2014–2017) and BIOMEDICINE (2014–2017): Swedish Institute grant 09272/2013 "Baltic Network for control and prevention of life-threatening viral infections" (2013–2016).


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Professor of ISE/IHSS (DU) Anita Pipere