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Met-ESD project’s meeting in the Netherlands


From November 6-10, 2016, within the framework of the Erasmus+ project „Methods for ESD – competencies and curricula” (MetESD), Nr.2015-1-DE-02-KA202-002346 Daugavpils University’s associate professor Dzintra Iliško and Velga Akmene attended the project’s meting in the Neatherlands. The aim of the seminar was to demonstrate what ESD might look like in a vocational school or college.

During the seminar project participants discussed the process of integrating sustainability in the school’s curriculum. The session put the main emphases on a whole school approach in a vocational school setting.

The Met-ESD project is focused on curriculum, however, there has to be a recognition that if ESD is to be successfully implemented in the curriculum other aspects of the institution have to also adopt sustainable development otherwise it gives a mixed message to the students. Without a whole school approach, it appears that the institution is telling the students that sustainable development is important, but if the school or college does not practice sustainable development, the message in the curriculum is not credible.

During a seminar, the seminar participants presented their cases on implementing sustainability in the school curriculum. During the seminar, the participants discussed the further plans for the critical friend’s visits.

We express our gratitude to the team of the project: Ilga Salīte, Mārīte Kravale Pauliņa, Ilona Fjodorova, Eridiana Oļehoviča, Inta Ostrovska, Velga Akmene and Dzintra Iliško from Daugavpils University, and the teachers Dina Ļecka, Veronika Platkova, Sergej Bogatkevičs, Oļeg Ostrovskis, Sergejs Knišovs, Jevgeņijs Krupskis, Andrejs Dortiņš, Jeļena Sardiko and Tamara Jegorova from a Competence Centre of Vocational Education „Daugavpils Vocational school” for the active participation in the project.

The Erasmus+ program’s project is EU financed project.

For more information about the Erasmus+ program one can learn in a webpage:, section Erasmus+.