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Celebration of the Opening the HUB on May 27, 2016



On May 27, 2016 within the framework of the international project ”Local Research and Education Hubs - key for sustainability education” (No.CBSSPSF/SC 042015/4) UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair in cooperation with the Faculty of Education an Management and the Center of Sustainable Education has organized a workshop.

The project partners who are involved in the design of local research in their home countries are the following: SWEDESD (Sweden), LAPAS (Latvia), UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair at Daugavpils University(Latvia), Center of lifelong learning, Åboat Academic University (Finland), Statera (Estonia), Charity information Center „Green Dossier” (Ukraine).

The participants of the workshop where the participants who discussed problems and possible solutions in education and the society. Among the participants of the workshop were various stakeholders, such as teachers, career counselors, leaders, administrators from schools, youth leaders, professionals involved in the NGO sector, and representatives from the local Municipality.

This day was remarkable with the opening of HUB „Local center of educational research – for the solutions of the sustainable education” followed by the discussion of its conception and further developments.

As an open network it opens an opportunity to participate in creating social innovations not only at Daugavpils University, but also beyond, by the graduates of Daugavpils University, their friend and supporters.

This is designed that Daugavpils University’s Center for sustainable education will have an open structure and a space that will be open for those who work, search for the best solutions and will become a place where one can look for the inspiration and can share with one’s achievements.

Professor Ilga Salīte
The head of the DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair

Mg. paed. Elga Drelinga
The head of the DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair’s research and educational Center for solutions of the education for sustainable Development

Dr. paed. Sandra Zariņa
Responsible for the DU graduates network’ s development