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Daugavpils University – The partner of the Baltic Sea Regional countries’ Council in the international project for sustainable education



DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Management and the Center of Sustainable Education has started implementing the 2nd stage of the international project „Local Research and Education Hubs- key for sustainability education” (No.CBSSPSF/SC 042015/4).

The second stage of the project is devoted to the development of seven local centers, which will be designed:

(1) for implementing the Baltic Sea regional network for education for sustainable Education (BSRESDN).  In 2012 DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair has participated in the establishment of this seminar and become its participant;

2) and for the development of social innovations for the education oriented to sustainable development.

The project partners who are involved in the design of localresearch are the following: SWEDESD (Sweden),LAPAS (Latvia), UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair at Daugavpils University(Latvia), Center of lifelong learning, Åboat Academic University (Finland), Statera (Estonia),Charity information Center „Green Dossier” (Ukraine). The project will be implemented in 2016, from April 15until June10.

Daugavpils University research and educational Center – for solution of the issues of sustainable education was announced as one of the Centers of Baltic Sea regionof education for sustainable developmentwhere the graduates and researches of DU/DPU/DPI will be able to

(1) participate in participative action research where they will search for the opportunities to carry out research related to the survival of sustainable education and its maintenance in the current conditions, (2) as well as will participate in action research which will begin with the interest of participants about the issues that will restore the sense of belonging to their University and will allow them to maintain these relations through the cooperation; (3) The center of research of DU graduates and researchers will become an open space with an open structure where each participant will be able to find an opportunity that will help Latvia and the countries of the Baltic Region to carry out the research of social innovations and when DU graduates involved in the diverse fields of work will implement ideas which are necessary as a support to maintaining and support the idea of  education for sustainable education.

As an open network it will open an opportunity to participate in creating social innovations not only at Daugavpils University, but also beyond, by the graduates of Daugavpils University, their friend and supporters.

This is designed that Daugavpils University’s Center for sustainable education will have an open structure and a space that will be open for those who work, search for the best solutions and will become a place where one can look for the inspiration and can share with one’s achievements.

The UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair has an incubator (workshop),a place for the research related to social innovations for sustainable development. Workshop will become a structure where its’ participants will learn from their living experience to recognize the environment promoting the idea of sustainable education and will continue creating such workshops in places where Daugavpils University’s graduates and supporters will view an opportunity for the participation in such workshops.

The school and the teachers cannotresistthe pressure of globaldevelopment that is unsustainable. Now we need acooperation and consolidation of specialists from various fields that create an environment for the survival of education and its way towards sustainable education, that serves as a condition for sustaining a societal survival.  We can start doing this together!

The center of Daugavpils University for solving issues of a sustainable education will be one of the seven centers that are being formed for the implementation of the strategy set of the network of the Baltic Sea Region for Sustainable development (BSRESDN). We are inviting all who have studied at Daugavpils University (DU/DPU/DPI), and who are ready to support, to cooperate and participate in designing the Center.

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Professor Ilga Salīte
The head of the DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair

Mg. paed. Elga Drelinga

The head of the DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair’s reserch and educational Center for solutions of the education for sustainable Development



Dr. paed. Sandra Zariņa

Responsible for the DU graduates network’ s developement